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Citizens' Oversight Projects (COPs)

This web site is dedicated to enabling citizens to provide needed oversight to our democracy.

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Engage officials in public meetings
Record public meetings
Hold feet to the fire
Sixth grader speaks to School Board.
Press Conferences
Rallies and Protests
We must, as citizens, provide oversight of our local governmental bodies. They can't be trusted to oversee themselves. You can help! Read how here: COPs Program

Active Projects:

Issue Oversight
Govt Oversight:
Infrastructure Project:

Find out about COPS: Click here for a printable copy of our brochure (PDF FILE).


Election Integrity Training on Sunday, Oct 12, 12pm (PT)

This Sunday: Election Integrity Training... Because elections can be hacked by insiders manipulating the central tabulator data! With this simple oversight protocol, those hacks can be thwarted. It's really easy to implement (only a few hours of time) and it takes only a few people per election district (like CA county or districts in those states listed).

Please consider attending this event by webcast if you don't happen to be in San Diego. The Event starts at 12p (noon) PT, 3pm ET, to be webcast nationally. We need volunteers around the country, in those states that implement some form of post-election manual tally or audit procedure, to implement this protocol in your area.


COPs acts as umbrella organization for Coalition to Decommission San Onofre as a party to the investigation by the California Public Utilities Commission, which is still an ongoing concern despite the recent announcement of a shutdown at San Onofre!
  • WE WIN! Southern California Edison has announced a permanent shutdown at San Onofre! Read more: Shut San Onofre
  • Stop The Unfair Settlement-- Please help us stop the unfair San Onofre settlement. See this page for ideas on how you can help!
  • Community Engagement Panel (CEP) -- CDSO pushed for this group to be set up and they set it up!
    • Just completed this meeting: May 22, 6-9pm at The Hills Hotel, 25205 La Paz Rd, Laguna Hills
    • Will be a workshop sometime in June, and then another big meeting in August. These will be processing the PSDAR (Post Shutdown Activities Report) and the DCE (Detailed Cost Estimate).

  • Water Fluoridation -- We need help to get the word out that water fluoridation does not help improve dental health, and puts our children (and us!) at risk.
    • Want a free copy of the DVD Fluoridegate? Please contact us and we will send you a copy!

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We will be producing email updates and also archive them here: Cops Updates

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  • Election Integrity Team Meeting 2014 May 29 - ElectionIntegrityTeamMeeting2014May29 This is the invitation that was sent out. We had about 10 people at the meeting. ELECTION INTEGRITY TEAM MEETING, MAY 29, 2014 ...


See COPs Program for a list of all projects and an overview of our project concept.

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  • Nine Eleven - A starting place for investigating the truth and missing pieces behind the events of 9/11
  • Relevant Links - Links to other web sites that are important resources or cooperative organizations.
  • Meeting Places - Venues where meetings are sometimes held, directions, maps.
  • All Contacts - People and groups that have been defined.

Other Stuff

  • County Removes Lutzs Trees - After sending a request for information to Dianne Jacob 's office and to the County Counsel regarding Brown Act violations, the County retaliates by driving over the curb with a truck and removing all the trees in front of the Lutz residence with no notice at all.
  • What Are RSS Feeds? - Learn about an important technology for distributing Blog-like postings.
  • Basic Instructions - When you first start using this wiki to report on a strange event, I will refer you to this topic to get you started!
  • Wiki Usage Tips - Some secrets about using this wiki
  • How To Upload Using FTP - If you have large files to upload (videos, presentations), these instructions will walk you through it!

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