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Citizens' Oversight Projects (COPs)

This web site is dedicated to enabling citizens to provide needed oversight to our democracy.
Engage officials in public meetings
Record public meetings
Hold feet to the fire
Sixth grader speaks to School Board.
Press Conferences
Rallies and Protests

We must, as citizens, provide oversight of our local governmental bodies. They can't be trusted to oversee themselves. You can help! Read how here: COPs Program

Active Projects:

Issue Oversight
Govt Oversight:
Infrastructure Project:

WE WIN! Southern California Edison has announced a permanent shutdown at San Onofre! Read more: Shut San Onofre

COPs acts as umbrella organization for Coalition to Decommission San Onofre as a party to the investigation by the California Public Utilities Commission, which is still an ongoing concern despite the recent announcement of a shutdown at San Onofre!

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  • Donate To Citizens Oversight - Thanks for your support! (Return to main page) DonateToCitizensOversight We are a 501c3, tax exempt organization. You can deduct any contributions you make from your ...
  • Coalition To Decommission San Onofre - CoalitionToDecommissionSanOnofre This group is a party to the investigation by the California Public Utilities Commission. Parent topic is: ShutSanOnofre SCE ...
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  • Occupy San Diego Calendar - OccupySanDiegoCalendar For further details, or to add/edit events see OccupySanDiegoEvents.
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  • Shut San Onofre - ShutSanOnofre Get Bumper Stickers! Objective: Permanent decommissioning of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) Southern California Edison announced ...
  • How To Download Real Media Streams - HowToDownloadRealMediaStreams Some sites provide archived video webcasts in the form of .rm streams. These are fairly difficult to download and use for editing and ...
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  • Water Fluoridation - WaterFluoridation Review by chemist Barney McEntire Barney McEntire was a chemist who wrote most of this article. He passed away on August 7, 2013 and will be missed ...
  • San Onofre License Amendment Intervention - SanOnofreLicenseAmendmentIntervention See parent project ShutSanOnofre Background Each nuclear power plant is licensed by the NRC, through the Atomic Safety and Licensing ...


See COPs Program for a list of all projects and an overview of our project concept.

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  • Nine Eleven - A starting place for investigating the truth and missing pieces behind the events of 9/11
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  • Meeting Places - Venues where meetings are sometimes held, directions, maps.
  • All Contacts - People and groups that have been defined.

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  • County Removes Lutzs Trees - After sending a request for information to Dianne Jacob's office and to the County Counsel regarding Brown Act violations, the County retaliates by driving over the curb with a truck and removing all the trees in front of the Lutz residence with no notice at all.
  • What Are RSS Feeds? - Learn about an important technology for distributing Blog-like postings.
  • Basic Instructions - When you first start using this wiki to report on a strange event, I will refer you to this topic to get you started!
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